Zeryx has been in business for 7 years providing network, and software solution for small businesses, and for the last 3 Years we started creating Software and tools for the OS/2 community at large under the name Zeryx Software Inc.

We provide end to end solution to small business, be it helping them choose the right software solution, the rightnetwork connectivity, web hosting, setting up and designing their web presence. You can count on us to provide you with a solution that fits your need no matter how small you are. Some of our customers are 2 man operations, more about our service.

We also provide do in house sofware solution, Our main product is ZxMail© email Server the email server for OS/2, it is a Full multi domain POP3 and SMTP server, it also acts as a client to fetch mail from external POP3 accounts to redistribute to a domain or specific users. It gives the greatest flexibility to SOHO's ZxMail is used across the world primarily by small organization, ZxMail was designed has a Native OS/2 Server to create the best POP3 and SMTP server running on OS/2.

Why run it on OS/2? well OS/2 is not actively targeted by hackers, it is the Multi-Threaded capable OS you can find, no known virus for it, if you add a firewall (there is 3 excellent firewall made for OS/2) you then secure your most important communication, plus you can also put a anti-virus software on the server and scan all your incoming mail for windows Virus (There are a number of Anti Virus solutions, Norton Anti-Virus, Norman Anti Virus, McAffee...)

Also available at no cost are programmers library for C, Vispro Rexx, Vispro C and C++

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